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What is PPE & Industrial Vending?

  • PPE and industrial vending machines provide point-of-use asset management for personal protective equipment and industrial supplies. Workers simply enter their unique PIN or JOB number or tap their employee ID card to vend or return items. Our vending software does the record keeping automatically for you, it records who, what and when the item was taken, just like a storeman would.

Why Vendmarket PPE Vending Solutions?

  • Vendmarket distributes a tailored range of purpose-built PPE and industrial vending machines and smart fridges and cabinets for Australia and New Zealand. Vendmarket supplies and supports asset tracking applications in every industry, large or small. Ask for a demonstration of our software today!

PPE vending benefits:

Reduce consumption by 20-40%:

  • Stop waste, fraud theft and abuse

  • Unmanned 24/7 controlled access

  • Accountability, track usage by job, department or employee

Reduce your stock carrying costs:

  • Move to demand-based ordering

  • Cut costs on new items

  • Force use of functioning items before allowing new items

Reduce and eliminate stock-outs:

  • Cut costs on unnecessary urgent shipments

  • Cut costs on carrying duplicate items

What Products Can I Vend?

  • Review what products you are experiencing a high consumption of and make a list. Have a chat with us and we can provide you with the best PPE vending configuration your business requires based on your employees or contractors consumption. We will get this sorted for you, you’ve come to the right place to get a PPE or industrial vending machine

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