We are an approved national vending distributor for TCN Vending Machines


  • Asset tracking System - Vend Portal is our super easy to use online asset tracking system. Keep your stock levels up, view what employees have taken what products and when.

  • Restrict PPE Items - For certain individuals or departments 

  • Allocate Access - Individual PIN numbers, FOB's or JOB numbers to allocate costs

  • Nationwide Vending Technicians - To assist you with machine or programming difficulties 

  • 90 Degree Door - For ease of placement options

  • Flexible Layout - Adjust shelf height and join motors together to vend various product sizes

  • Safety 24/7 - Safety equipment will now be available anytime for all your employees

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The most effective way to allow staff access to your PPE vending machine

All Employees can be given an individual PIN code in order to access the PPE vending machine - This registers 

  • WHO took the Item 


  • WHAT did they take it


  • WHEN did this transaction occur 



Keeping Track 100% of the time - NO MORE FILES

Transparent reporting system. Simply logon through your web browser into our Vend Portal program, desktop, smartphone or tablet to view a detailed report of stock levels.

  • Product Transaction History


  • Employee Transaction History


  • Compare Usage Trends


We guarantee you won’t be able to find a better system elsewhere.

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We'll do all the product testing for you.

Review what products you are experiencing a high consumption of and make a list. Have a chat with us and we can provide you with the best PPE vending configuration your business requires based on your employees or contractors consumption. We will get this sorted for you, you’ve come to the right place to get a PPE vending machine


We can restrict certain product lines in the PPE vending machine.

You can now have multiple levels of access to restrict certain product lines in your PPE vending machine. You tell us your requirements and we can provide you with the best vending solution.

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